Highway 22 to Riverview Syphon

Active project
Fall 2023 - Summer 2024
Riverfront Park

2024 project board


This project includes the twinning of the existing wastewater line (syphon) to support the needs of West Cochrane, to accommodate future growth and reduce operational concerns of the existing syphon. This project is required due to growth, thus it is funded 100% from off-site levy-funded debt. 


The Cochrane West sanitary syphon is a major piece of infrastructure that conveys wastewater from all development west of Highway 22. Recent flow testing indicates that the capacity of the syphon has been severely reduced since its implementation in the mid-90s. The configuration of a sanitary syphon makes for difficult access for cleaning and system maintenance purposes. 

General Construction Impacts

  • Pedestrian Pathway Detours: To ensure the safety of the public, pedestrian pathway detours will be provided when necessary due to pathway closures. 
  • Partial Parking Lot Closures: Some parking lot closures will be required to allocate space for contractor staging and storage areas.

How does this project benefit the community?

Cochrane continues to prioritize and invest in our infrastructure, ensuring intergenerational equity and planning for the future needs of our growing community. 

Strategic alignment

This project supports Council 2022-2025 Strategic Goals of livability and vibrant economy, and will build financial and environmental stewardship and the built environment.