Temporary Road Closure Permit Application

Anyone who wishes to close a road in Cochrane for the purpose of construction (to less than one lane in each direction) must apply for a Temporary Road Closure Permit. Temporary road closures must comply with the current Town process, Alberta Highway Traffic Act, Transportation of Association of Canada’s Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada and City of Calgary’s Temporary Traffic Control Manual. Temporary road closure permit approvals are subject to the type of work, weather conditions and time of year. Unless the work is deemed to be exempt, no permits for hard surfaced excavations are approved or issued between October 15 and April 15 of any calendar year.

Road Closure Process

Step 1: Submit a Temporary Road Closure Application to Civil Land Development, including:

  1. Temporary Road Closure Application form and payment of applicable fee;
  2. Traffic Control Plan
  3. Sample Public Notification Letter
  4. Project Schedule
  5. Detour Plan, if applicable
  6. Parking Plan, if applicable
  7. Traffic Marshalling Plan, if applicable
  8. Safety Plan, if applicable

Civil Land Development reviews the submission and within seven days:

  • issues a Temporary Road Closure Permit OR
  • comments in writing to the applicant 

Step 2: The applicant must provide notification to the community 72 hours in advance of commencement, as follows:

  1. Variable message boards informing of closure location and approved duration
  2. Public notification letters to impacted businesses and homeowners, as defined by the Town
  3. Formal notification to affected departments and agencies:
    1. Emergency Services
    2. Town of Cochrane Waste & Recycling
    3. Southland Transportation Ltd
    4. Canada Post
  4. Local newspaper advertisement, at the discretion of Civil Land Development

Road Closure Application

Fill out the application form and submit, along with all required supporting documents and $250 fee, at least 14 days before scheduled start of work. If the work is not completed before the proposed finish date, a new application is required. Extensions are no longer accepted due to prolonged project schedules.