Great Neighbours


Connect with your neighbours! Host a block party!

Hosting a block party is a great way to bring your neighbourhood together, promote relationships and build deep community bonds. 

This fall, the Town of Cochrane, in partnership with Mackay’s is offering free ice cream to encourage residents to plan block parties – fun social events that are a great way to meet neighbours, make new friends, and enhance community safety and awareness.

Beginning September 8, the first 20 Cochrane residents who plan a block party can sign up to receive a block party planning kit including an ice cream voucher for up to 50 people, door hanger invitations, a PPE kit and more. 

If you’d like to schedule your own neighbourhood block party, sign up here

View the 2020 Block Party Guide filled with great COVID-safe planning and activity ideas.

Planning your block party event on Town land? Find out more or submit an outdoor event application.

We love your interest in strengthening our neighbourhoods and showing how much you love Cochrane!

Please note: All gatherings and activities must practice physical distancing and observe AHS protocols and gathering restrictions.