The situation with COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to evolve. The health and well-being of our community is a top priority.

If you’re concerned about your own health or symptoms, call HealthLink at 811.


Wearing a mask in indoor public spaces and when you can’t ensure 2 metres of distance helps protect those around you from the possible spread of the virus.
Your mask shows others you care about them, their health and the health of our community. Together we can prevent the spread and stay healthy.

A mandatory face covering is not currently in effect in Cochrane.

On July 29, 2020, Cochrane Council approved Bylaw 20/2020 that provides the opportunity to make it mandatory to wear a face covering or non-medical mask in indoor public places and public vehicles.

The mandatory requirement will only be enacted if Cochrane reaches 10 active cases and would be rescinded when active case numbers are reported to be below 10, for 14 consecutive days.  

We update local COVID numbers in our FAQ.

The Town’s key objectives related to COVID-19:

  1. Flatten the curve (physical distancing is key)
  2. Avoid overwhelming the health care system
  3. Keep critical systems and people working
  4. Communication


Download the #CochraneSaysThanks poster, colour it and then share a picture on social media using the #CochraneSaysThanks hashtag!

Check out the #CochraneSaysThanks video and performance contributions:


Share these graphics on social media, drop off a help card to an isolated neighbour or print a poster to display in your window to show your neighbours we’re in this together. And together, we’ll get through it.