New Protective Services Building



A new Protective Services building will provide an integrated RCMP and Municipal Enforcement Detachment. The building will be located in the community of Heartland and will include space for Victim Services. The 4.66 acre lot provides adequate space to build an efficient, safe and high functioning facility that meets current day standards as well as provides space for future expansion. The New Protective Services Building project was included in the approved 2020 Capital Budget. This project is an important addition to the continued provision of effective policing in our community.


Located in Heartland on a 4.66 acre parcel



  • Development permit application submitted: Nov 2020
  • Development permit issued: Feb 2021
  • Building permit issued: Apr 2021
  • Construction commencement: End of Apr-Early May 2021
  • Estimated project completion: Spring 2023


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Over the last number of years, beginning with work done by the former Protective Services Advisory Committee, Town Administration has been working toward the planning and construction of a new Detachment. A new facility is identified as a need through the obligations under the Municipal Police Service Agreement, which requires the Municipality to provide police member accommodations. The current detachment is a federally owned asset that is well beyond its functional life. Once the RCMP move in to the new building, they will make regular lease payments to the Town.

The Protective Services Advisory Committee was key in determining the future location/area for the facility. From there, Administration began to research policing needs and size of parcel required. This resulted in a slight shift from the original location chosen, to a larger parcel, still within the community of Heartland, located at the South of Highway 1A, at the intersection of the highway and Horse Creek Road.


Estimated cost $23 million


  • Provide a single location for all policing matters to serve Cochrane and the surrounding area.


This supports Council's strategic priority of focusing on services and spaces that achieve a safe and improved sense of community, and specifically, design and build a new integrated RCMP and Municipal Enforcement detachment.

Updated on Sep 16 2021