Land Use Bylaw

Land Use Bylaw Update

Cochrane’s rapid growth has presented new and diverse development trends with an ever-increasing level of complexity. It is important that Cochrane’s Land Use Bylaw (LUB) meets the land use and development needs of our residents while reflecting Cochrane’s unique character, so Town Administration has initiated a comprehensive review and re-write the LUB to ensure it remains current and effective in regulating land uses and development within the Town.

About the Land Use Bylaw

Every homeowner or business owner in Cochrane is impacted by the Land Use Bylaw (LUB), even if they don’t know it. Before their building was built or before their neighbourhood was developed, the Land Use Bylaw established rules to govern what could be built where and for what purpose. The Land Use Bylaw is the most specific and often the most powerful tool in the hierarchy of planning documents. It is used to implement the community’s shared vision for development in Cochrane.
Current Land Use Bylaw 01/2004 (Consolidated Version)

More info: email Planning or 403-851-2570.

Requests for Land Use Bylaw amendments go through our statutory plan amendment process. 

Current projects

Work continues on the LUB update in general; no other specific projects are underway.

Recent amendments
Council approved a new process February 10, 2020

Prospective dayhome operators no longer have to apply for a Cochrane development permit if they wish to provide temporary child care to six or fewer children and have a Town business license.

Accessory and garden suites
Council approved a new process February 10, 2020

The Land Use Bylaw amendment approved Monday allows Town Development Officers (Planning staff) to consider applications rather than the Cochrane Planning Commission, reducing the time to receive a decision and staff time required to process. Applicants must still go through the application process.