Land Use Bylaw

About the Land Use Bylaw

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) requires every municipality to adopt a Land Use Bylaw. Essentially, the bylaw controls and regulates what can and cannot occur on a parcel of land and how a building can be placed and constructed on that parcel. In addition, the bylaw also includes other development considerations, such as parking, landscaping, signage and lighting. The Land Use Bylaw is the most specific and often the most powerful tool in the hierarchy of planning documents, and therefore one of Cochrane’s most important documents, with far-reaching implications for how the community is shaped.

Land Use Bylaw Update

On Monday February 28, 2022 Cochrane’s new Land Use Bylaw, Bylaw 01/2022, was approved by Town Council. The Land Use Bylaw review and rewrite project was initiated by Town Administration in 2018 to ensure the bylaw meets the land use and development need of Cochrane amid rapid growth, and to reflect the unique character and natural landscape of the town. 

The new Land Use Bylaw responds to modern development trends, creates efficiencies in the development process, reflects the unique landscape and character of Cochrane, and creates flexibility for future development. Bylaw 01/2022 can be viewed here.

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The Bylaw will now undergo a 12-month review and monitoring process to ensure that regulations are functioning properly in the community, and to determine if any amendments are required.  At the 6-month mark a progress report will be brought forward for Council’s review.