Subdivision & Development Appeal Board (SDAB)

About the Board

The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) is a quasi-judicial board established in accordance with the Municipal Government Act and Town of Cochrane Bylaw 19/2019 (Procedural Bylaw).   

The SDAB hears appeals regarding decisions made by the development officer, the Development Authority or the Cochrane Planning Commission with respect to subdivisions, development permits or stop orders issued by the Town. The Board's decision is founded on fact-based evidence, applying legal rules as per legislation and planning documents such as the Municipal Development Plan and the Town of Cochrane Land Use Bylaw.   

The Board is independent from the Town of Cochrane Planning Department and is comprised of public-at-large members and a member of Council.  Once appointed, Board members and clerks must complete training approved by the Minister before they can hear an appeal. Approved refresher training is required every three years. 

The SDAB meets in the evening within 30 days of receipt of a valid appeal. Hearing dates will be advertised in the Cochrane Eagle with a minimum of five days notice.

Additional information is available in the terms of reference (PDF).

Filing an Appeal

The SDAB Clerk  must receive the completed SDAB Notice to Appeal form and appropriate fee in accordance with Sections 678 and 686 of the Municipal Government Act.

SDAB Notice to Appeal (PDF) (application form)

Submit your form and fee by the specified date by mail (include cheque) or in person to:

Town of Cochrane
Clerk,  Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
101 RancheHouse Rd.
Cochrane, AB T4C 2K8

You can also email completed form to Legislative Services and credit card payment can be taken over the phone.