Summer Safety

image of grill safety with a charcoal grill and flames

Grill and BBQ safety

It's time to fire up those grills and enjoy some mouth-watering BBQ goodness. Prioritize safety and keep the good vibes rolling this BBQ season!

  • Never leave your grill unattended and keep kids & pets a safe distance away.
  • Place your grill in a well-ventilated outdoor area, away from flammable objects like trees and overhanging structures. Grilling should always be an outdoor affair.
  • Regularly inspect and clean your grill to ensure it's in top-notch condition.
  • When lighting a gas grill, always keep the lid open to prevent a buildup of gas. When using briquettes or charcoal make sure your coals are cold when cleaning your BBQ.
  • When grilling, wear snug clothing and avoid loose sleeves or hanging fabrics that could catch fire.
roasting a marshmallow over a fire pit with banner that says fire pit safety

Fire pit safety

Summer nights = campfire gatherings, good conversation and unforgettable memories! Before you strike that match, let's talk about fire pit safety.

  • Never leave a firepit unsupervised or unattended.
  • Burn only clean dry seasoned wood.
  • Pay close attention to local fire bans and restrictions.
  • Keep your fire pit 3 m away from buildings, fences, decks, trees, and the property line.
  • When cleaning your firepit, it's critical to dispose of cold ash.
image of water dropping with banner that says water safety

Water and river safety

With the sun shining and warm weather it's time to dive into some refreshing water fun! Follow these tips to ensure a fun time while on the river:

  • Know Your Limits: Assess your swimming skills honestly and stick to areas that match your abilities.
  • Wear a Life Jacket: Regardless of your swimming ability, always have a life jacket on when you're floating down the river.
  • Stay Hydrated: Fun under the sun can be thirsty work, so keep yourself well-hydrated to avoid dehydration.
  • Check Weather Conditions: Before embarking on your river adventure, stay updated on weather forecasts to be prepared for any unexpected changes.
  • Keep an Eye on the Kids: If you have little ones with you, ensure their safety by keeping a close watch at all times.
  • Buddy Up: River trips are more enjoyable when shared with a friend or family member. Double the fun and safety!
  • Share your plan: Have an estimated time you’ll be back and a “call for help if you’re not back by” time.
image of wheat in front of a blazing hot sun with banner that says extreme heat safety.

Heat safety 

The heatwave is on, but we've got you covered with some sizzling tips to beat the scorching temps and stay safe this summer!

  • Sip, Sip, Hooray! Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep the heat at bay.
  • Keep Your Cool Crew Safe! Ensure your little ones and furry friends stay safe by never leaving them in a hot car unattended. Let's keep them chill!
  • Chillax Time! Take frequent breaks in cool, air-conditioned spaces to recharge and keep your cool factor intact.
  • Cool Kitchen Hacks! If you're feeling the heat in the kitchen, consider using heat-free alternatives like salads or no-cook meals. Let's save the oven dance for cooler days!
  • Dive into Refreshment! Take the plunge with cold showers or baths to feel refreshed and ready to conquer the heatwave.
  • Stay Informed! Keep an eye on local news and safety updates to stay ahead of any potential heat-related issues.
image of storm clouds with banner that says storm safety

Storm safety

As the sizzling summer weather continues, so does the possibility of adverse weather. 🌩️⛈️Thunderstorms can strike at any time, but fear not! We've got your back with these storm-safe tips:

  • Always Check the Forecast: Before stepping out, stay informed by checking the weather report. Plan ahead and be prepared!
  • Stay in the Know: Sign up for Alberta Emergency Alerts to receive timely notifications about potential risks before they happen. Knowledge is power!
  • Seek Shelter Indoors: If you spot a storm approaching, don't hesitate! Find a safe haven indoors to keep yourself and loved ones out of harm's way.
  • Be Prepared: Be ready for any situation by having your own emergency supply kit. Keep it in an accessible spot, packed with essentials for peace of mind.