Centre Ave - Phase 3

Active project
Centre Avenue


Center Avenue Phase 3 involves widening the portion of Centre Avenue from Powell Street to 1st Street including the 1st Street intersection. The project includes the relocation of franchise utilities such as gas, power and telecommunications that are conflicting with roadway construction as well as land acquisition on the west portion of Centre Avenue to allow the road widening. This project is proposed to be funded from off-site levy debt (54%) and the MSI/LGFF grant (46%) for the non-growth portion. 


  • Beginning the week of January 22, 2024,  Shaw will be working on shallow utilities along the east side of Centre Avenue between First Street and William  Street. Partial lane closures may be necessary. Please follow signage and instructions from flaggers.


Centre Avenue Phase 3 is part of the 4-phase transportation improvement plan to increase the level of service in Cochrane's Historic Downtown. The overall project includes corridor improvements to Highway 1A and Centre Avenue. This project involves adding lanes to provide two through lanes each in all directions. Phase 1 of the Centre Avenue improvement project was completed in 2020 from Highway 1A to 2nd Street. Phase 2 of the project was undertaken in 2022 between 2nd Street and Powell Street. 

How does this project benefit the community?

Increased community connectivity

Strategic alignment

This project supports Council's Strategic goals of livability, connectivity and vibrant economy. This project will build on the foundation of financial and environmental stewardship, and built environment.