Building Permits & Inspections

Under the Safety Codes Act, you are required to obtain a building permit before beginning work on buildings covered by relevant codes. This includes the Alberta Building and Fire Codes, the Canadian Electrical Code, the Gas Codes and the National Plumbing Code.

If you are planning work, there may be additional, specific circumstances to consider. We encourage you to contact Permits and Inspections to discuss your project before beginning any work. For quick reference, refer to the lists below for what work does and does not require a permit. 

Permits for homeowners

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Permits for Contractors

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Homeowner permit applications

As a homeowner, you are able to obtain building, electrical and plumbing permits. A certified gas fitter is required to obtain a gas permit. 

Homeowner forms

Permit application process

  1. Select the appropriate permit application form (see the Forms & Applications page).
  2. Fill in your information (read the Paperless Application Instructions).
  3. Submit the form via email to
    • Staff will be in touch if any information is missing or needs clarification.
  4. You will be contacted when your permit is ready for release upon payment of fees (see Service Fees).
    • Most applications are completed within 10 business days.
  5. Start your work.
  6. Book your inspections.

Hot tub application

Get your plumbing and electrical connected safely with the help of a Safety Codes Officer.
Permit application for Hot tub

Detached Garage application

Building a detached building10 m2 (107 sq. ft.) or greater in area?
homeowner constructing a detached garage

Shed or accessory building application

Building a shed or accessory building10 m2 (107 sq. ft.) or greater in area?
Blue shed with double doors

Deck application

If your deck measures at or above 600 mm (24"), a safety codes officer works with you to ensure handrails, guardrails and stairs or ramps meet code requirements.

Basement development application

Ensure your basement follows basic building code and prepare for rough and final inspections on your project.
Unfinished basement framed with three support posts supporting the structure

Online Contractor Portal

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Contractor permit applications

Prior to submitting a permit application, please review the requirements listed below for each application. 

Contractor forms