Community Enhancement Evaluation

The Community Enhancement Evaluation is a tool for developers to identify various community characteristics that Council wishes to see in future developments. The evaluation also provides both Council and the public access to development proposals earlier in the application process.

The Community Enhancement Evaluation was approved by Council in September 2016.

How it works
1. A developer evaluates their proposed development against Community Enhancement Evaluation and presents the results in a Council meeting.

  • Council can ask questions and learn more about the proposed project.
  • Council accepts the presentation as information (no formal approval).
2. The developer applies for Area Structure Plan (ASP), Neighbourhood Plan (NP), multi-lot Land Use Bylaw (LUB) amendment.

  • Planning staff follow a process regulated by the Town’s Land Use Bylaw and Alberta’s Municipal Government Act for evaluating proposed developments.

3. Proposed developments go through the formal Council approval process.