Bylaws For Businesses

Business Licences
All businesses located or operating in the Town of Cochrane must hold a current business licence.

This includes non-resident business owners or operators whose premises are located outside of the Town, but who travel (or have their employees travel) to Cochrane to conduct business.

Once you have paid the fee, depending on the class of business you operate, you will receive a business licence certificate which must be displayed at your business location so that it is clearly visible to the public. If your business does not have a fixed location, you must carry a wallet card (issued with certificate) on your person or in your vehicle. Proof of your valid current business licence must be shown on demand.

See Bylaw 22/2018 on business licensing for details.

Dangerous Goods

Anyone transporting dangerous goods must comply with Bylaw 02/2006, which deals with the transportation of dangerous goods.

Snow Removal

Business owners are responsible for clearing snow and ice from the sidewalks within 48 hours of a snowfall as per Bylaw 01/2009.

Noise Control
The Town of Cochrane strongly encourages the use of broadband back-up beepers when working in town. A new rebate program will help Cochrane business owners cover the cost of replacing tonal backup alarms with broadband alarms on commercial vehicles and reduce noise disturbance in Cochrane. 

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