Capital Projects


The Town’s major projects are guided by Council’s annual priorities, 10-Year Financial Strategy and Strategic Plan. Most major projects require extensive financial planning as well as public consultation to ensure they meet community needs now and for the future. More details on Cochrane's traffic plan

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Highway 1A Improvements
Upgrade to Highway 1A corridor through Cochrane from east of Centre Avenue to west of Fifth Avenue.
Targeted completion: 2023
New Protective Services BuildingA new Protective Services building will provide an integrated RCMP and Municipal Enforcement Detachment. Targeted completion: Summer 2023

The StationThe facility will be located at the former Esso Bulk Station across from the Cochrane Public Library.Complete


Alley RepairsRepair the surface condition of a few rear alleys in Riversong and Fireside.
Aug 2022
Bow River FREC Project
The Town of Cochrane repairing and constructing a new wetland area to improve the quality of the storm water released into the Bow River and improving the flood resilience of the area.  In addition to the new wetland, the project also includes a new vehicle-rated pathway bridge. 
Targeted completion: Fall 2022
Centennial Park Playground Resurface
As part of a partnership project with Variety of Alberta Children’s Charity, this project is intended to replace the protective surfacing in the east playground located in Centennial Park.
Complete summer 2022
Centre Avenue Improvements
Corridor improvements to increase traffic efficiency and capacity, particularly during peak commute times.
Phase 1: completed in 2020
Phase 2: TBD
Cochrane Ranche Mitford Park Master Plan

Create a master plan for the Cochrane Ranche Historic site and Mitford park site to provide a framework of background information and expected future needs, development options and costs associated with future uses of the two sites.

CP Rail - Siding Track RemovalCanadian Pacific Railway ( CPR) is removing the siding track in 2021 at River avenue, Centre avenue and 5th ave crossings. The Town of Cochrane is required to fund the relocation of the signal arms, rehabilitation to the road surface and pedestrian connections once the track has been removed.
Work to begin May 2022
Crawford Ranche Storm Facility Cleaning
Cleaning Crawford Ranche Storm FacilitySpring 2022
Fourth Avenue Bridge Design
Design a new bridge that would replace the existing wood timber bridge.
Completed 2022
Highway 1A/22 interchange
The 2019 provincial budget included funding to construct the interchange at Highway 1A and 22.
TBD by Province of Alberta
Horse Creek Sports ParkRocky View Schools (RVS) and the Town of Cochrane released the Master Site Plan for the future development of the Horse Creek Sports Park in June 2019. Development to be phased in
Jumpingpound Creek FREC Project
This flood resiliency project includes bank reinforcement and revegetation; in-stream construction of stream barbs (also known as groins) to train the creek away from the banks; and engineered log-jams.  The project will also reconstruct the pathway further away from the creek to limit icing issues and future flood damage.
Targeted completion: Fall 2022