Cochrane Aims For Quieter Neighbourhoods With Alarm Rebate Program

(Cochrane, AB) – A new rebate program will help Cochrane business owners cover the cost of replacing tonal backup alarms with broadband alarms on commercial vehicles, with a goal of reducing noise disturbance in Cochrane. 

After hearing from concerned residents, Council supported changes to replace standard tonal backup alarms required on industrial and construction equipment with broadband alarms. Broadband alarms emit a broad range of frequencies when an equipped vehicle reverses, producing a localized alert for the immediate hazard area. Cochrane fleet vehicles are already equipped with this style of backup alarm system in addition to several businesses that operate within Cochrane. 

"Cochrane has a role in creating livable neighbourhoods and supporting local business and activity,” says Mike Korman, Interim Director of Planning and Development Services, Town of Cochrane. "The rebate program will assist Cochrane businesses to continue delivering vital services and mitigate the costs of upgrading fleet alarms to the quieter broadband style." 

The rebate supports Cochrane businesses in purchasing and installing broadband-style alarms. Companies operating commercial supply delivery, snow removal, property maintenance and construction equipment are encouraged to apply. Increasing adoption of the broadband-style alarm aims to reduce noise pollution and disturbance in Cochrane while maintaining safety standards for workers and residents.

To apply for the alarm rebate, Cochrane business owners must submit a form with proof of purchase and installation. Applications are available at Alarm Rebate Program page for installations starting as early as January 2022.