Cochrane launches transit survey to shape future transportation

Your town your transit

Cochrane, AB – Cochrane is embarking on a transformative journey to shape the future of transportation with the launch of a comprehensive public transit study. This study aims to evaluate the Cochrane On-Demand Local Transit (COLT) service, ensuring a strategic and sustainable approach to future transit development.

"Our on-demand transit system in Cochrane is a pilot project. To examine the service, Council has asked Administration to gather and understand the community expectations going forward," says Michelle Delorme, Manager of Community Services, Town of Cochrane.

Addressing the unique challenges posed by Cochrane's geography, strategic decisions on stop locations, frequency, and placement are imperative to optimize the transit system for current and future needs. Recognizing the dynamic growth and evolving demands witnessed by the COLT system, Administration recommends a strategic response. To achieve this, Cochrane has engaged a transit consultant and a third-party contractor to comprehensively evaluate the existing COLT data and formulate a new, scalable transit system.

"The advantages of this approach are multifaceted," adds Delorme. "It allows for the creation of a forecasted long-term scalable plan, enabling a phased implementation that aligns with the community's evolving needs."

Designing a new, scalable system positions the Town favorably for future funding, ensuring the sustained growth of COLT transit alongside the community. The Cochrane public transit study represents a proactive approach to meet the evolving transportation needs of the growing community. As part of this process, public engagement will be integral. Current users and non-users of COLT are encouraged to provide feedback on what they expect of the service, what barriers are in the way, and what opportunities exist to assist in building the future plan.

Residents can provide their feedback online until June 7, 2024, at

Additionally, they can also provide feedback in person:

  • Thursday, May 30: 4-8 p.m. pop-up, The Station (360 Railway Street W)
  • Saturday, June 1: 9 a.m.-1 p.m. pop-up, Cochrane Farmers Market (parking lot Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre, 800 Griffin Rd E)

This initial round of surveys marks the beginning of an inclusive process. A second round of surveys and a focus group are scheduled for August, providing further opportunities for community input and refining the transit plan based on the feedback received. After feedback is collected, the engagement results, along with the recommendations from the evaluation, will be compiled and presented to Council this fall. These results will not only inform decision-making but will also be transparently shared with the community. They will be readily accessible online at, ensuring that residents can stay informed about the outcomes of their input.

Through strategic planning and collaboration, Cochrane aims to build a transit system that is efficient, accessible, and sustainable for years to come.