2021 Registered candidates

The following individuals have filed their Nomination Paper and Candidates Acceptance forms. 

The links below were provided by each candidate; the Town of Cochrane shares the links as a courtesy and does not verify nor endorse the content.

Nominations close September 20, 2021.

Election day is Monday, October 18, 2021.

Candidates for CouncilLink(s)
Kaitlin Chamberlain
K. Chamberlain

Website: VoteForKaitlin

Email: VoteForKaitlin@gmail.com
Brandon Cruze
Brandon Cruze
Facebook: Brandon-Cruze-For-Town-Council

Website: Brandoncruze.com

Email: info@brandoncruze.com
Daniel Cunin
face picture (002)
Facebook: Dan Cunin for Town Council

YouTube: Dan Cunin for Town Council

Twitter: Dan Cunin for Town Council

Email: dan4towncouncil@gmail.com

Todd Muir
Todd Muir
Facebook: Todd Muir for Town Councillor

Website: toddmuir4council.com

Email: toddmuir4council@gmail.com
Samantha Nickerson

Facebook: SamanthaNickerson4TownCouncil

Instagram: SamanthaNickerson4TownCouncil

Website: SamanthaNickerson

Email: Hello@SamanthaNickerson.ca

Paul Singh
Paul Singh
Facebook: PaulSingh4Council

Instagram: PaulSingh4Council

Email: palwinder1421@gmail.com
Bruce Townley