Land Use designations

Zoning, or land-use, in Cochrane is designated in the following ways.
To see locations for the various land uses, check the Land Use map page.

 Designation codes


  • Commercial Transition District (C-T)
  • Neighbourhood Commercial District (C-N)
  • Historic Downtown District (C-HD)
  • General Commercial District (C-G)
  • Highway Commercial District (C-H)
  • Business Industrial District (I-B)
  • General Industrial District (I-G)
  • Special Industrial District (I-S)
  • Parks and Recreation District (PR)
  • Community Service District (CS)
  • Urban Holdings District (UH)
  • Direct Control District (DC-01)


  • Residential Large Lot District (R-LL)
  • Residential Low Density District (R-LD)
  • Residential Mix Density District   (R-MX)
  • Residential Medium Density District (R-MD)
  • Residential High Density District (R-HD)