Street Sweeping

Town crews are starting this year's streetsweeping with a pre-sweep of main roads and residential areas (as weather permits). Watch for signs in your neighbourhood before your streetsweeping day.

The pre-sweep removes the heaviest material so the sweeper can do a better job when scheduled sweeping starts in residential areas later this spring. If you see Roads crews during this pre-sweep period, it's helpful if vehicles are moved, but not necessary.

Crews are also sweeping main collector roads, but at night to avoid disrupting traffic. Night cleaning is also starting on boulevards; crews will be out with power brooms and blower packs, along with the sweeper. The work is noisy and dusty, but efforts are made to keep disruption to a minimum.

2017 residential streetsweeping schedule

Please remove vehicles from the road by 8am on your neighbourhood’s scheduled day; use your driveway, garage and/or parking pad. If you do not have enough offstreet parking, you can park in the alleys on your scheduled street sweeping day.

Glenbow north of Glenbow Dr, Riverview, Riverside Pl, Heritage Hills Tue May 9 DONE
Glenbow south of Glenbow Dr, Glenbow Dr
Wed May 10 DONE
Riversong, Riviera, James Walker Tr, River Heights Ln
Thu May 11 DONE
 West Valley north of Quigley Dr, Quigley Dr, Fireside, Willows
Fri May 12 DONE
GlenEagles West, Glen Vista, GlenEagles Dr 
Tue May 16 DONE
GlenEagles East, GlenEagles Dr 
Wed May 17
rescheduled for Thu Jun 1
Cochrane Heights, Sunterra 
Thu May 18 DONE
West Valley south of Quigley Dr, Quigley Dr 
Fri May 19
rescheduled for Tue May 30
East End, First St E, Headlands, Third St, binwall 
Tue May 23 DONE
Jumping Pound, Bow Meadows, George Fox Tr 
Wed May 24 DONE
Sunset Dr, Pt, Sq, Cmn, Cl
Thu May 25 DONE
Sunset Blvd, Way, View, Mnr, Sunrise View
Fri May 26
West Terrace, West Pointe, Quigley Dr
Tue May 30
Bow Ridge, George Fox Tr
Wed May 31
Heartland and Horse Creek S
Fri Jun 2

More information

The street sweeping schedule depends on the weather. If weather or equipment issues stall the work, your neighbourhood will be moved to the end of the schedule. That way, the advance notice given in other neighbourhoods doesn’t have to be changed.

Cleaning winter debris off the roads keeps it out of creeks and rivers. Since our drinking water comes from the Bow River, the more we can do to keep dirt, gravel and other winter debris out, the cleaner our drinking water is.

Want to get rid of the winter debris on your driveway? Simply sweep it onto the street away from the curb and we’ll scoop it up. Now your driveways’ clean, and your street is clear and safe for drivers, cyclists, in-line skaters and neighbourhood kids.

Hate chips in your window? They’re usually caused by debris from the car in front of you. Loose gravel can crack your windshield and chip your paint. It can also cause cyclists to slide out of control, in-line skaters to trip, pedestrians to lose footing and vehicles to skid. That’s why we’re cleaning it up!