Snow Removal & Street Cleaning

Snow removal and street cleaning are done by Town Roads staff. When it snows, the main goal is to keep primary and collector streets open and safe for emergency vehicles and the motoring public. Read more about the snow and ice control program.

How you can help

The snow looks pretty on your lawn, but snow on sidewalks and roadways can make it difficult to get around town safely.


Town bylaw requires home and business owners to clear snow and ice from the sidewalks within 48 hours of a snowfall (Bylaw 01/2009). While you’re out there, why not clear your neighbour’s walk too?

Home owners

Remember to shovel snow onto your lawn, not onto public property: roads, alleys or pathways. It’s especially important not to make large piles on the road to accommodate parking. Snow on the roads impedes storm water flow, reduces visibility and makes street sweeping difficult in the spring.

Business owners

Please instruct snow removal contractors to deposit snow removed from parking lots and sidewalks onto private property, not public property: roads, alleys or pathways.

Street Cleaning

Main streets and Town-owned parking lots are cleaned of debris all year to help prevent pollutants from entering our local water through the storm sewer system. A Town-wide street cleaning program happens every spring/summer to clear side streets.

Street cleaning schedule