Fire Services

Fire Inspections

Our Safety Codes Officers assist with fire inspections required as part of the business licensing process. They perform annual and biannual fire inspections on all commercial facilities in the Town of Cochrane as legislated by the Quality Management Plan. (QMP).  

New businesses in Cochrane require a fire inspection prior to a business license being issued; A $50 inspection fee is charged (not including GST). 

  • Request a Fire Inspection A fire Inspector will verify your request once your form has been submitted, or you may phone Administration to request an inspection, and you will be assigned to the inspector on duty.

Fire Investigation

All dollar loss fires or fires resulting in injuries or fatalities must be reported and investigated for cause, origin and circumstances. Once the fire investigation is completed, the information is submitted to the provincial office. The provincial office then uses the information to identify potential hazardous products or make recommendations to the National Building and Fire Codes for life and fire safety.

Please direct inquiries regarding fire investigation to administration.