Licence & Fee Schedule


PAST DUE Animal Licence Accounts

Animal Licence renewals are now PAST DUE.  Unpaid animal licence accounts will be inactivated due to non payment of animal licence fees unless payment is received.

In accordance with Town of Cochrane Animal Bylaw 04/2016, failure to keep your animal's licence current carries a penalty of up to $200. To keep your account current please notify our office of any changes to the account.

  • If you no longer live in Cochrane or have moved within Cochrane
  • No longer have your animal (deceased/no longer in your care)
  • Any other changes (altered/tattoo/microchip)

Please notify Animal Licensing to update or deactivate the account. 

Replacement tags can be purchased for a cost of $5 at our office or over the phone.

Be a responsible pet owner: renew your pet's licence annually.

For questions about your account or the licensing schedule, please call 403-851-2500, or use the Contact form below.
All other Animal Services questions or concerns can be directed to Municipal Enforcement at 403-851-2532.

Contact form

If you experience technical issues with your account, please wait for 2-3 business days. Please contact us if the issue persists.


All dogs and cats over three months old must have a current Town of Cochrane licence. Register online for your pet’s licence, or visit our administrative office at the Cochrane RancheHouse (101 RancheHouse Road) during regular office hours (Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm). 

For more information on licensing and responsible pet ownership, review the Animal Bylaw, which outlines the authority for licensing, regulation and control of animals within the Town of Cochrane.


Dogs must wear a current Town licence at all times when off their owner’s property. A dog licence allows animal services to return your missing dog quickly. It also lets strangers know that your pooch is not a stray and wants to be reunited with his or her family.


One of the most important things you can do to keep your cat healthy and safe is to prevent it from roaming at large in Cochrane. Cats that roam can easily become lost; a licence will ensure a swift reunion should your cat become lost.

Licence Fees

Dog - male / female unaltered$70*
Dog - neutered male / spayed female$35*
Dog - male / female under the age of six months when licence purchased$35*
Cat - male / female unaltered$40
Cat - neutered male / spayed female$15
Nuisance animal$100
Replacement licence$5
Vicious dog$250
* new fees as of April 1, 2016 (as per revised Bylaw)

Other Fees

First impoundment$60
Second impoundment (within one year)$75
Third impoundment (within one year)$100
Fourth and subsequent impoundment (within one year)$125
Care and subsistence each full day of impoundment (not including intake or release date)$15
Veterinary servicesAmount Expended

Veterinary Services

As incurred, animals impounded for three days or more will be given vaccinations.