Fire Bans

Effective 12:15pm May 11, 2020 the Fire Ban issued on April 27, 2020 has been lifted. Weather conditions have improved to return to no restrictions.

Nearby jurisdictions 

Fire hazard levels 

The Town of Cochrane has four fire hazard levels (aligned with provincial levels):

  1. No restriction (green)
  2. Fire Advisory (yellow)
  3. Fire Restriction (orange)
  4. Fire Ban (red)

Weather and fire hazard conditions in Cochrane can change rapidly. It is the responsibility of anyone who starts a fire to know the fire hazard level in Town, manage their fire properly and extinguish the fire completely.  Wood burning fires are only allowed in acceptable fire pits and fireplaces as defined in the Town of Cochrane’s Fire Services Bylaw (3/2014). More about fire pits.

No restrictions*
Fire Advisory*Fire Restriction*
Fire Ban*
Open fire
 Allowed (✔) Allowed (✔)NOT allowed (X)NOT allowed (X)
 fire pits

 fire pits

Charcoal briquette

 gas bbq

 gas fire pit

Outdoor fireplace


Fournos oven

Indoor fireplace



No restrictions – low fire danger. Fire Services reminds residents that open fires are only permitted in acceptable fire pits and must be managed and extinguished properly. 

Fire Advisory – moderate fire danger. Fire Services warns residents that a more restrictive fire ban may be coming or that there is a short-term concern like a major wind event which may increase the fire hazard level. During a fire advisory, open fires are allowed, but residents are reminded to be extra vigilant. Soaking the area adjacent to the fire pits with water is recommended.

Fire Restriction –  high fire danger. Fire hazard conditions are at a level where wildland fires can start and grow quickly. Certain types of open fires are restricted. No open wood burning fires or charcoal briquette bbqs are allowed. Wood burning fires in screened appliances such as indoor/outdoor fire places or Fourno ovens are permitted. Gas or propane stoves/bbqs and portable propane fire pits are allowed.

Fire Ban – extreme fire danger. No campfires, burning of wood products or charcoal briquettes allowed. Gas or propane stoves/bbqs and portable propane fire pits are allowed.

Whenever you have a fire, you must always have a way of quickly extinguishing at hand: a bucket of water, garden hose or fire extinguisher.