Eco Centre

Open to Cochrane Residents Tuesday to Saturday 10am-6pm.  Located at 50 Griffin Industrial Point in Cochrane.

Accepted items

eco centre 1

eco centre

For residents of the Town of Cochrane only, the Eco Centre accepts:

  • packing foam
  • packing foam peanuts (must be bagged)
  • foam servingware: cups, plates, take-out containers, meat trays, egg cartons


  • all foam must be clean of residue and free of tape/labels
  • no spray foam, textile or furniture or insulation foam
  • film foam goes with plastic bags

The Cochrane Eco Centre accepts many items for recycling (details in the Cochrane Eco Centre brochure.):

Car Seats and Booster Seats

Child car seats and booster seats are accepted for recycling year round at no charge. Please remove the straps, fabric and metal pieces; the plastic car seat can then be deposited in the mixed plastic bin.

Food Waste Composting

Bring food waste to the Cochrane Eco Centre where it will be turned into high quality garden and landscape compost. Please bring your food waste in a sealed bucket or certified compostable bag and empty into the designated bin.   

Special Waste Programs
The Town of Cochrane provides a variety of special waste services including an appliance drop-off program and household hazardous waste and paint drop-off program.

Appliance Drop-off

Please note the Eco Centre accepts VISA, Mastercard, debit and cash payments.

     Fee (per appliance)
Appliances containing Freon - fridges, freezers,
water coolers, air conditioners
Large appliances - stoves, dishwashers, washers, dryers
Small appliances - microwaves, hot water tanks

Appliances are also accepted at the City of Calgary landfills as well as some private scrap dealers. This program is year-round.

Household Hazardous Waste & Paint Drop-off
Round up all of those household chemicals in your basement, garage and shed and bring them to the Cochrane Eco Centre for proper disposal.
Important: please ensure your household chemicals are clearly labelled, sealed properly and, if possible, in the original containers.

Cleaning Products

All purpose cleaners, ammonia, bleach, disinfectants, drain / toilet cleaner, window cleaner, pool and
hot tub cleaner, oven cleaner, shoe polish, spot remover are all accepted.

Garden Products

Ant / rodent killers, fertilizers, insecticides, weed killers.

Hobby and Home Products

  • Aerosol containers - empty or full
  • Air fresheners, glues and cements, hair colouring
  • BBQs (Remove tanks, hoses, plastic)
  • Kerosene
  • Laundry fabric softener, starch and stain remover
  • Nail polish and remover
  • Thermometers / thermostats
  • Propane tanks - all sizes

Vehicle Products

Brake / transmission fluids, car waxes and polishes, gasoline, rust inhibitors / removers, solvents,
windshield washer solutions up to 10L per resident per week. 


  • Aerosol paints and sprays
  • Alkyd, latex and oil based paints
  • Enamels, lacquers, stains and varnishes
  • Paint thinner, strippers and solvents
  • Primers, undercoats and water repellent sealers
  • Porch, floor, deck, fence and barn paints
  • Wood finishing oils, stains and preservatives (not containing pesticides)

Those who use needles for medical purposes may dispose of them safely at Cochrane pharmacy locations.  Needles must be in a sealed, puncture proof container with a tight fitting lid.

Pay-As-You-Throw Waste Disposal
Dispose of extra bagged household waste and miscellaneous small waste items (broken lawn chairs, old garden hoses etc.) for a small fee of $3 per bag or $20 per truckload. Waste must be contained within a clear or semi-transparent bag.  Bags must be transparent enough to allow the Eco Centre attendant to determine if a bag contains recyclable or organic material.  No recyclable or organic material will be accepted in PAYT.  This program runs all year at the Eco Centre.
Landfill Information
The closest landfill to Cochrane is the City of Calgary Spyhill Landfill, located at 69th Street and 112 Avenue NW in Calgary. For more information, visit the City of Calgary Waste and Recycling Services website or view the landfill rates online.

Cochrane also supports other local waste and recycling enterprises such as Cochrane Bottle Depot, Home Treasures, Home Reno Heaven and Trailblazers.  

Seasonal Yard Waste Programs 
The Leaves & Grass/Garden Debris Drop Off at the Cochrane Eco Centre opens for the season at the beginning of April. Drop off runs from April until mid-November each year.  There are no bags allowed in the leaves and grass bins.  If you come with bags, please dump the leaves and grass into the bin and either recycle or reuse your bags.  

The tree trimmings and branches program continues to operate on a year-round basis. Bring us your branches, trimmings and Christmas trees for mulching!

The Town of Cochrane no longer has access to a local “clean fill” site for the disposal of sod, rocks and soil. Residents wishing to dispose of this material need to haul it to a Calgary landfill (April - November) or use their curbside organics carts (up to 10kg per week in the cart).

We also accept pumpkins after Halloween and Christmas trees after Christmas.

 Reminder the following Cochrane Eco Centre Site Rules apply:

1. The Seasonal Yard Waste program is not available for commercial firms, landscape or maintenance companies.

2. Tree trimmings and branches must be sorted separately from grass clippings and leaves, and; deposited into the correct bin. Maximum branch/tree diameter is 15 cm and length is 1.5 metres.

3. Yard Waste load sizes are limited to 1/2 a level pick up truck load (standard level 6 ft box)/user/week due to limited site capacity. Bags are not permitted in the cages - please dump the contents out of all bags.  The site operator may restrict the acceptance of any load at their discretion if the site capacity is at risk. A reminder that the intention of the Cochrane Eco Centre is to provide recycling drop off services for small volumes of recyclables; large loads should utilize facilities designed to accommodate large loads such as ECCO, City of Calgary Landfills, Cascades Recovery, Recycling Worx and Capital Paper.