Eco Centre

ECO CENTRE OPEN Tuesday-Saturday  9am-5pm with MODIFIED PROGRAMS

Closed Sunday, Monday & Statutory holidays 

Christmas Trees

If curbside Christmas tree collection is missed (pick up curbside Jan 4-15, 2021 on same day as waste & recycling) or is unavailable at your location, natural Christmas trees may go in the branches bin at the Eco Centre in January each year.

Important notes:

  • please sort your waste before you arrive to make drop off quicker
  • please use your mask while at the Eco Centre
  • only five vehicles allowed in the yard at a time 
  • only one person per vehicle allowed to handle material
  • visitors are required to practice physical distancing while at the Eco Centre
  • staff are not available to assist

Programs available: 

  • Cardboard, newspaper, newsprint, mixed paper
  • Mixed rigid plastic containers
  • Plastic film:
    • Only clean stretchy plastic film accepted
    • Limit of 2 bags per family (or business) per week
  • White packing Styrofoam only (no cups/plates, meat trays, packing ‘peanuts’ and coloured foam)
    • Limit of 2 bags per family (or business) per week
  • Beverage containers
  • Batteries: rechargeable & alkaline household batteries
  • Food waste
  • Glass
  • Mixed metal (BBQ’s, lawnmowers, outdoor furniture)
  • Branches
  • E-Waste (small appliances and electronics like microwaves, toasters, coffee makers, hair dyers, stereos, tv’s, computers) 
  • Used oil, oil filters, anti-freeze liquid
  • Paint
  • Propane tanks
  • Textile/clothing donation
  • Household Hazardous Waste
  • Large appliances (fridges, washers, dryers, etc.)

Programs temporarily suspended:

  • Book room (including light bulbs, etc.)
  • Bike exchange (if you remove all non-metal, bikes can go into the metal bin)
  • Grass clippings, leaves (coming back April 2021)

We want to thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time.

Cochrane Eco Centre

Cochrane Eco Centre is a self-sorting facility located at 50 Griffin Industrial Point.  Attendants are on-site at all times and reserve the right to refuse material due to site capacity restrictions.  Our Health and Safety policy restricts scavenging in the yard.  

For information on applicable costs, please go to Rate & Fees.  

Year Round programs

Book Room- currently closed

  • Miscellaneous - eyeglasses, pop can tabs,  fluorescent tubes, CFLs (please handle all bulbs with mercury carefully).  More than 4 tubes=charge of $0.30/ft.
  • Book exchange - trade your old but readable books for new ones.

Main Building - OPEN

  • Newspaper & newsprint
  • Mixed paper - coloured paper, wrapping paper, brown paper, envelopes (except bubble), junk mail, magazines, phone        books, office paper, shredded paper (loose in the mix paper bin).
  • Plastic bags & film - plastic wrap, plastic film, re-sealable bags, grocery bags, plastic film foam sheets
  • Mixed plastics - plastic jugs & bottles, tubs, pails & clamshell containers, car seats, booster seats
  • Batteries - rechargeable & alkaline household batteries
  • Beverage containers - Pop, beer, water, wine & juice bottles, milk and juice cartons and tetra packs

Side Yard - OPEN

  • Clothing & Textiles - gently used and clean clothes, blankets, towels, linen and shoes & textiles
  • E-Waste - monitors, laptops, printers, faxes, cables, mice, keyboards, TV’s....anything with an electrical cord
  • Food Waste Composting - Bring food waste so it can be turned into high quality garden and landscape compost. Please bring your food waste in a sealed bucket or certified compostable bag and empty into the designated bin.  
  • Oil waste - used motor oil & transmission fluid up to 40L/week/household 
  • Paint Drop-off - cans and aerosols accepted up to 20L/week/household
  • Hazardous Waste - please ensure your chemicals are clearly labelled, sealed and if possible in original containers.  This includes all household chemicals, thermostats, solids, liquids & tanks.

  • Anything with a symbol like this, we will accept, up to 5L/week/householdhazardouswaste

Back of Main Building 

  • Glass & jars - food bottles & jars.  No ceramics, pottery, mirrors, light bulbs or windshields.
  • Cardboard - clean and dry flattened cardboard, corrugated cardboard, boxes & tubes, egg cartons
  • Vehicle batteries - please see on-site attendant
  • BBQ - please remove all hoses, plastics & tank and put in mixed metal bin
  • Mixed metal & tin - tin food cans, tin foil, pie plates, scrap metal, lawn mowers, metal furniture, bike frames
  • Bicycles (currently closed) - Bike frames can go in the metal bin (remove seats, grips and all non-metal parts)
  • Appliances - fees apply
  • White packing Styrofoam - white packing foam free of labels & tape accepted.  Up to 2 bags per Cochrane/Rocky View household/business per week.  Attendants may request proof of residency.  
  • Expanded Polystyrene Styrofoam (currently closed) -  Packing foam peanuts (must be bagged), foam serving ware, take out containers, meat trays, egg cartons.  All foam must be clean of residue and free of tape/labels. No spray foam, textile, furniture or insulation foam.
  • Branches - Tree trimmings and branches go in the branches bin. Maximum branch/tree diameter is 15 cm and length is 1.5 metres limited to 1/2 a level pick up truck load (standard 6 ft box)/user/week due to limited site capacity.

Pay-As-You-Throw Waste Disposal 
Dispose of extra bagged household waste and miscellaneous small waste items (broken lawn chairs, old garden hoses etc.) for a small fee of $3 per bag or $30 per truckload. Waste must be contained within a clear or semi-transparent bag to allow the Eco Centre attendant to determine if a bag contains recyclable or organic material. No recyclable or organic material will be accepted in PAYT.  This program runs all year.

For more information on applicable costs, please go to Rate & Fees.

Not accepted

  • Needles - Dispose of sharps safely at Cochrane pharmacy locations.  Needles must be in a sealed, puncture proof container with a tight fitting lid.
  • Mattresses or boxsprings - Calgary landfill otherwise recycles them
  • Tires - return tires to your favorite Cochrane retailer or dealership for recycling
  • Furniture - donate if possible, if not it goes to Calgary landfill
  • Water Softener - goes to Calgary landfill
  • Fitness Equipment - treadmills & other large pieces of fitness equipment go to Calgary Landfill
  • Construction waste - fence, drywall, treated wood, cement, etc. goes to Calgary landfill
  • Clean Fill - up to 10Kg’s of sod & soil can go in the green cart, more than that goes to Calgary landfill. Landfill rates will apply.

Seasonal programs

Yard Waste bin CLOSED until April 2021 

Leaves, grass, non-invasive weeds and garden debris go in the yard waste bin.  There are no bags allowed in this bin.  If you come with bags, please dump the leaves and grass into the bin and either recycle or reuse your bags. The leaves and grass bin is not available for commercial firms, landscape or maintenance companies.  Large amounts of clean fill (sod and soil) need to go to a Calgary landfill (April - November).  Landfill rates will apply.

Last Updated: January 4, 2021