Black Cart

Black carts are collected weekly on your set collection day

Black carts are for garbage which includes everything that can't be recycled or isn't organic. 

Excess Waste

If excess waste/recycling/organics becomes an issue, the Eco Centre will accept these streams.  

If you have excess waste you have 3 options: 

1. Purchase Town of Cochrane  excess waste bags, put your waste in the bags and place the bag 1 metre away from your waste cart on your collection day. Bags can be purchased at the Cochrane RancheHouse, Visitor Information Centre or at the Cochrane Eco Centre during regular operational hours for $3.50 each. 

2. The Cochrane Eco Centre accepts clear bagged household waste for $3/bag.  All recycling and organics must be removed prior to disposal. 

3. If you have excess waste on a regular basis you can make arrangements for an additional waste cart; a set up fee and an additional monthly charge will apply.  Please contact Waste and Recycling for more information. 

Additional Carts

A $55 set up fee and $15/month collection fee will be charged to all households who require an additional waste cart.  To learn more or set up additional waste cart services please contact Waste & Recycling.

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