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Cochrane's eServices empowers citizens and businesses to securely access information and services on the internet, anytime and from anywhere. 

Our customers have around-the-clock access to account information: account balances, billing and payment history, transaction history and property information. Transaction features such as payment processing, identification and authentication as well as all account inquiries are delivered over a secure internet connection.

Accounts Receivable

This feature allows you to view the current balance of your accounts receivable account, make payments (VISA or MasterCard) and view invoicing and payment history. For questions regarding accounts receivable billing, please email accounts receivable or call 403-851-2520.

Animal License Renewal

This feature allows you to make payment for an animal license renewal. Please direct inquiries to 403-851-2528.

Business License

This feature allows you to view the current balance of your business license accounts receivable invoice, make payments (VISA or MasterCard) and view the history of the billing. For questions regarding business licensing including invoicing, please email business licenses or call 403-851-2573.

Property Tax Account

This feature allows you to view your property tax account including the balance due, due date, payment history and, additional property information such as assessments, local improvements and school support declarations. The ability to pay property taxes online is not available.

Public Tax & Assessment Property Search

A search for public tax and assessment information including property address, LINC number, current assessment information and zoning is made available. This is a free service made available by secure access to our property database. 

Tax Certificates

eServices has made it simple and easy for our customers to request, process and receive a tax certificate. There are two online methods available and both of them send the tax certificate immediately to the email address provided:

  • Pay for this service through a secure connection using your credit card (Visa or MasterCard).
  • Receive a biweekly invoice for this service (your company needs to be a registered account with the Town of Cochrane and have received a username and password).

Utility Account

This feature allows you to view the current balance of your utility account, make payments, view history of billings and more. For questions regarding utility account billing, or to apply for a new utility account please email utilities or call 403-851-2523 or 403-851-2521.