Can I build a retaining wall on my property?

Yes, you may be able to, but please note:

  • You must maintain the approved grading and drainage of the lot.
  • You may not alter the grading of the lot in a manner that allows surface drainage onto a neighbouring property.
  • You must maintain positive drainage away from the dwelling.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the wall or structure is entirely located outside of any utility right-of-ways or easements that may be registered on the property.

If the retaining structure is greater than 1.2m high, an engineering design and building permit are required. A retaining wall that supports a structure or poses a risk to public safety follows the same requirements. Please note: the height of the structure is measured as the vertical distance between the ground levels on each side of the wall.

The design of the wall must be completed by a professional structural and/or geotechnical engineer and submitted with a building permit application to the Town of Cochrane for approval prior to the start of construction.

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