What if my residents don’t want to participate in the program?

Most residents of multi-unit properties support organic diversion and welcome a program being established if it is convenient and easy to use. Some residents may be concerned that the in-unit container will smell and will attract pests. You can address this concern by reminding them that it is the same material that was in their garbage before, just being put into a different container.  You can also provide them with the tips about using certified compostable bags, paper bags, layering their organics, adding paper, keeping the lid closed and cleaning the in-unit container frequently.  If they are concerned about the space required for the in-unit container, remind them that most of waste produced in the house is organic material and they may want to consider using a smaller waste container. There are also many options for organic and waste containers that will minimize the space required. We also suggest you emphasize the program’s benefits when chatting with residents: diverting organics is essential for environmental sustainability and significantly reduces the amount of waste going to landfill.

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1. Why do multi-unit complexes need to have an organics program?
2. My multi-unit property pays a fee for recycling/organics already to the Town of Cochrane, the Eco Centre Fee, what is this?
3. When is my Waste, Recycling and Organics Plan due?
4. When do we need to have an organics program in place?
5. Do I need to submit my Waste, Recycling and Organics Plan again in the future?
6. What materials must be included in the organics program?
7. Does this program apply to my small apartment building?
8. Won’t adding organics to my current collection service cost more?
9. What if there isn’t enough room for organics containers?
10. Where can I get printed material?
11. I want to provide in-unit bins for residents. How can I minimize costs?
12. How do I plan the program roll out?
13. How do I follow up with residents who missed the roll out?
14. What if my residents don’t want to participate in the program?
15. What if I decide to make property alterations?