Who can access services? What types of services and programs do you offer?
  • Families with children 0-18 who live in Cochrane and Area can access services and programs at the Family Resource Network.  
  • Our Family Resource Workers provide families with a single point of access to a range of local support programs. They provide information, referrals, system navigation, advocacy, and support. They assist clients to identify their goals and problem solve. FRW’s work closely with other FRN team members and external partners to provide wrap around/coordinated services.  
  • Our Family Support Workers provide caregiver capacity building sessions and groups for families with children 0-18 as well as early childhood (0-6) groups and developmental screenings. They currently provide virtual Tip Talks on a variety of parenting topics, opportunities for parents to connect with each other, and other Triple P programs designed to support caregivers in parenting.  
  • We are partnered with the Children’s Cottage who provide home visitation program for parents with children 0-6 and the Boys and Girls Club of Cochrane who provide youth programming 7-22.  
  • We offer a lending library with books for children as well as parenting books and child development related resource bins.  

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1. Who can access services? What types of services and programs do you offer?
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