What company is providing the e-scooters to Cochrane?

Roll Scooters has been awarded a permit to operate their shared e-scooters in Cochrane on a two-year pilot program.

Roll Scooters is a Canadian-owned, developed, and operated micro-mobility company hatched in the University of Toronto's Entrepreneurship Hub. Roll e-scooters are currently operating in the cities of Red Deer and Kelowna.  

Visit the Roll website for information on how to ride, and download their app today. 


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1. What is an e-scooter?
2. How does it work?
3. What company is providing the e-scooters to Cochrane?
4. Where can scooters be used?
5. How will rider safety be managed?
6. Do I need to wear a helmet to ride an e-scooter/bike?
7. Do I have to return the e-scooter where I found it?
8. What is the speed limit for e-scooters/bike?
9. What age can ride the e-scooters/bike?
10. What is rider etiquette for e-scooters/bike?
11. Will e-scooter rules be enforced?
12. What is the rule on impaired riders?
13. How do I report an e-scooter/bike that is left on my property or left on the sidewalk?
14. What if an e-scooter is parked improperly and blocking the sidewalk, requires maintenance or other concerns?
15. How does the Town of Cochrane support the e-scooter/bike program?