Where can scooters be used?

E-scooters are currently available in Historic Downtown, East End, Fireside, Glenbow, Heartland, Heritage Hills, Riversong, Riverview, the Quarry, and West Valley/Terrace/Point. More communities may be added as demand grows.

E-scooters will be allowed on designated roadways 50 km per hour and paved trails within Cochrane, not on the sidewalks. Scooters will also not be permitted at skate parks, on COLT buses, indoor facilities, or outside Town limits. Roll Scooters are managed by geofence technology, including slow-speed, no-park, and no-ride zones.

As a rule, please do not interfere with pedestrians or traffic while riding a shared e-scooter.

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1. What is an e-scooter?
2. How does it work?
3. What company is providing the e-scooters to Cochrane?
4. Where can scooters be used?
5. How will rider safety be managed?
6. Do I need to wear a helmet to ride an e-scooter/bike?
7. Do I have to return the e-scooter where I found it?
8. What is the speed limit for e-scooters/bike?
9. What age can ride the e-scooters/bike?
10. What is rider etiquette for e-scooters/bike?
11. Will e-scooter rules be enforced?
12. What is the rule on impaired riders?
13. How do I report an e-scooter/bike that is left on my property or left on the sidewalk?
14. What if an e-scooter is parked improperly and blocking the sidewalk, requires maintenance or other concerns?
15. How does the Town of Cochrane support the e-scooter/bike program?