How/when will this affect pond access and recreational activities?

During construction, the southern portion of the pathway adjacent to Jumpingpound Creek will be closed intermittently beginning in April. As well, during construction of the West Terrace stormwater management pond, the path surrounding the existing pond will be closed. To ensure public safety while construction is occurring within Jumpingpound Creek, swimming and other water activities will be prohibited in the area. Updates will be provided during construction with respect to pathway closures and restrictions surrounding water activities. 

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1. What are the Jumpingpound Creek and Bow River FREC projects?
2. Why is this project necessary?
3. When will construction take place?
4. Will there be any disturbance to traffic routes?
5. Will there be alternative pedestrian trails?
6. During pathway closures, signage and clearly marked pedestrian detours will be available.
7. What environmental considerations and protections are being put in place?
8. Will my taxes go up because of this project?
9. Which neighborhoods will be affected by this construction? How will they be notified?
10. How will the construction company minimize disturbance to residential areas?
11. Will we receive updates of the construction progress?
12. Who can we reach out to regarding construction concerns?
13. How/when will this affect pond access and recreational activities?