Where does our water come from?
Our water comes from the Bow River. We pump the water from an intake dug into the riverbed to the town’s water treatment plant. The treatment plant includes processes that clarify and micro-filter dirt along with harmful and undesirable substances from the water. After that, a multi-barrier disinfection process using ultraviolet light and chlorine ensures that the water remains safe for drinking. The treatment plant meets and exceeds the current requirements of Alberta Environment in the delivery of excellent quality water.

With the completion of the recent upgrade, Cochrane's plant has one of the strictest approvals in Alberta, and it is one of only a few that combines three state-of-the-art processes under one roof, along with a control system that rivals any modern manufacturing plant in operation.

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1. Where does our water come from?
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7. What water conservation measures does Cochrane have in place?