What are letters of concurrence or non-concurrence?
A letter of concurrence or non-concurrence is a document sent to Industry Canada from the Town of Cochrane either supporting (concurrence) or not supporting (non-concurrence) a proponent’s proposal for the installation of a telecommunication antenna structure within the Town, based on if the Proponent met the requirements in the Protocol and the Town's technical requirements.

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1. What do you mean by “telecommunications”?
2. What is going to Council and why?
3. Why are the protocols being updated?
4. Are there different types and sizes of structures?
5. Can the public have any influence on applications?
6. What is the Town’s role/responsibility in applications?
7. What are letters of concurrence or non-concurrence?
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9. What can the Town do to regulate locations?
10. Why can't the Town restrict telecommunication structures?
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