What happens next?

The Town has awarded the role of General Contractor to PCL Construction Management and construction of the bridge approach embankment commenced on August 13, 2018. A separate RFP will be issued for the construction contractor for the James Walker Trail roadway in late early 2019. The in-river works are planned to be finished in mid-September.

The Town is requesting public input for some aesthetic aspects and the naming of the bridge. More information is available on letstalkcochrane.ca

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1. Where will the bridge be located?
2. How was the location of the new bridge decided?
3. Does the new bridge mean changes to the off-leash area?
4. How do we know the environment is being protected during construction?
5. How long has the Town been planning for this new bridge?
6. What happens next?
7. When will the new bridge be ready to use and what will it connect to?