Street Use and Temporary Road Closure Permits

If you plan to do any work or use space on Cochrane’s road right of way, you need a permit to get started. This permit ensures the Town of Cochrane and others affected know and agree to the work.  Starting work on a road or right of way without permission can result in penalties.

Before applying, it's important to understand the two types of permits.

Street use permit

A street use permit allows you to use space on a road or road right of way when two-way traffic can still flow. Street use permit applications must include a traffic accommodation strategy if there are impacts to vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

Homeowners placing a moving container on the road or hosting a block party do not need a traffic accommodation strategy, but still need a street use permit. 

There is no cost for this permit.

Contractor application

Homeowner application


Temporary road closure permit

A temporary road closure permit allows you to close a road in Cochrane for construction. During a temporary road closure, traffic will be reduced to less than one lane in each direction. All permit applications must include a traffic accommodation strategy.

Approval for this permit depends on the type of work, weather conditions and the time of year. Permits for digging into hard surfaces are not given between October 15 and April 15 unless the work is exempt. 

There is a $250 fee for this permit.

Permit application


Traffic accommodation strategy (TAS) requirements

A traffic accommodation strategy (TAS) must be prepared with the  City of Calgary Temporary Traffic Control Manual, The TAS must include the message for any  pre-closure signage for review and approval.

A site specific TAS is required for signalized intersections and multiple lane closures on arterial and collector roadways.

For roadside work and single lane closures, the TAS must be taken from chapter 5 – Typical Applications. 

City of Calgary Temporary Traffic Control Manual

Prepare your traffic accommodation strategy following the guidelines in the City of Calgary Temporary Traffic Control Manual.